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hyperMILL - 2 SEATS

The success of Beechwood Engineering has been based on its decision to invest in advanced machine tool technology and compliment that with the latest 3D CAD and CAM software systems

With Hypermill, we are able to take a customer three dimensional model and apply toolpaths that not only remove material in an efficient manner but also with full control over the finishing process. In so many CAM systems the software takes control and computes the tool path that it thinks best and the user has to take what is given. With Hypermill we have a broad range of software tools that enable us to generate products with an incredible surface finish. This is certainly appreciated by our customers who have come to expect products of such high quality.

Serveral of our older products have been migrated across from multiple set-up operations on the three-axis milling machines and re-engineered for the five-axis machine using Hypermill. The cost reductions and surface finish improvements have certainly been well received by our customers.

A new Hypermill module was purchased in 2011 enabling us to introduce new strategies in removing material quicker and more efficiently.

We can now increase the speeds and feeds significantly and utilise a far deeper cut than we would using traditional step-over techniques. This reduces the loading on both the machine and the tooling, increasing the tool life significantly. However, it is the time saving that the new module brings that provides the biggest benefit to us as we can reduce machining times significantly and as a result reduce the overall production costs.

The latest addition to our Hypermill system is the new five-axis Shape Offset Roughing module . We believe this product is unique in the CADCAM market and this will enable us to apply toolpaths not only in two dimensional areas but more importantly in three dimensions utilising the capabilities of the five-axis machine tools that we now hae. This will reduce the programming times, reduce cutting times and improve tool life.